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Inventors have created an electronic bike which is not only as light as as two newborn babies but folds up and fits in a backpack.发明者发明者的这个电子器件单车不但仅有2个新生儿那麼轻,并且拆式并放进背包里。The Smacircle can reach speeds of 12.5mph (20km/h) and is controlled with a smartphone app.这个称为Smacircle的自行车时速均值20公里,能用手机APP进行操控。The eBike folds up into a backpack in less than ten seconds, by which time its no taller than 19 inches (49cm).在十秒内就可以拉锁成背包,拉锁后高度不高达49公分。


The bike weighs a little over 15lbs (5kg) and can accommodate riders of various sizes.车重7kg多一点,可适应能力各有不同休重的旅客。The first models have been made and tested, and its makers are seeking further investment with an upcoming Indiegogo campaign to bring it to the mainstream market.第一批实体模型早就被生产制造和检测,其制作者将在众筹网站Indiegogo上谋取项目投资以将这款车推上去流行销售市场。

Chinese designers believe it might change the way people commute to work.我国设计师确信这款车将变化大家的出行方法。CEO Gavin Yang, from Shenzhen in China, said: Smacircle is a unique innovative design created to fill in the gap in short commute personal transportation.来源于我国深圳的CEO Gavin Yang说道:“Smacircle以特有的设计创意来缺口本人近途出行行业的空缺。


”Our team has spent countless hours on research and development, and are committed to bring the people the best possible solution for short commutes, he said.“大家精英团队在产品研发上花上了无数钟头,决心要给近途通勤带来最烂的解决方法。”As it has not yet hit the market, there is no price available.因为都还没走向市场,因此 价钱不明。We have spent almost two years developing this Smacircle eBike and now we have made the concept a reality, said Mr Yang.“大家花上了接近2年時间来产品研发这款车,再一搭建了这一定义,”孙先生说道。